Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Year Gone By...

The New Year is on its way, and with it will come a new name for this blog.

I started this adventure when my gelding, Vince, went lame. That was one year ago. At first we thought it was EPM, a neurological condition caused by possum poop. What actually happened was damage to both of his suspensory ligaments on his rear legs. Now after treatment at Auburn University and a year off, come January Vince goes back to light work as we endeavor to find out if he will ever be sound again.

But this column has moved beyond just one horse. It really is all about horses and horse rescue, and Blue Skies Riding Academy in general. In keeping with that, this column is undergoing a name change. I will still track Vince's rehabilitation, but I will also be reporting on rescues ready for adoption along with our programs and news as it comes up.

The URL will stay the same for now. If I decide to change it, I will give plenty of notice. I hope everyone likes the changes and will continue to check in and stay in touch with our 'children's' antics. They surprise me, annoy me, and I wouldn't trade a one of them for anything.

So, effective January 1st, this will now be entitled:


The name is in memory of our Belgian colt, who passed away one year ago on the 29th of December after a tragic pasture accident. We saved his mother from slaughter and were unaware she was pregnant until a week before his arrival. It is in his name we dedicate ourselves to the rescue, retraining, and rehoming of equines.