Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Happiest Little Pony in the World

This week has been a good one for my Blue Skies babies.

Connor, a rescue from West Virginia, who arrived at BSRA in September of 2010 at the ripe old age of 18 months, has an adoption pending. Connor hasn't had an easy life since birth. We don't know where he came from or when he entered the slaughter pipeline. We do know he was saved from slaughter and sent to a facility in West Virginia. When the police and animal control stepped in to save the dying and starved horses at this 'rescue', we took three home to Emerson.

When Connor arrived, his weight wasn't too bad, but it was obvious he was at the bottom of the herd. His sides were covered with bites and kicks. Luckily with only two other horses in a very large pasture he was able to perk up much quicker than his two companions: Sterling and Ella Grace.

From the first we didn't try to ride Connor much, especially being unsure of his age. When he was ridden or worked with from the ground, he proved to be a very bombproof little Quarter Horse. Still growing we were excited for his future when disaster struck our beloved 'Khan'.

One summer night, while the herd was in the pasture, Connor ended up impaled on a wooden fence post. The barn manager came quickly, hearing the commotion in the barn, but the damage was already done. Connor's chest was split from top to just behind the front legs. That was June 2011.

His recovery has been slow, with forward progress and a few relapses. Last March we took him along with Vince to Auburn to have the slow closing wound ultra sounded to make sure there was no wood still caught in the chest. Once they gave Connor the 'all clear', we began using him for pony rides, walking only. He has spent his days growing (he is approaching 15 hands while we never thought he would go over 14), eating and regaining his strength.

Connor's personality is pure Quarter Horse. He got a little nippy when on stall confinement for 8 months, so you have to remind him not to grab for treats, but other than that his personality is all sunshine. Now, he has met a little girl who adores him, and it is easy to see he loves her too. The happy ending we all were afraid might never happen for this miracle horse is now becoming a reality.

I will miss him greatly. In the pasture he was the quiet companion of any horse who felt alone. Everyone loved on him, but we all wanted so much more for him than the life of a sanctuary horse. Thanks to all of those who have prayed for this little guy, brought him treats, hand walked him during the rough early days, and to Heather and Sami for bringing him into our lives. I cannot imagine our barn without him, but I wouldn't change this adoption for the world.

He's earned it.

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