Monday, April 9, 2012

Daisy, Daisy - Give Me Your Answer True

Last Saturday we had an Easter Egg Hunt at Blue Skies. We did pony rides, face tattoos, along with the hunt itself. It was a magical day, warm sunshine but not too hot. Just the sort of day that belongs to Spring, warm enough to hint of the summer that is to come and to forgive the drab winter past. Most importantly we raise more than $500 for the support and maintenance of our horses.

But in the midst of all the happiness, the day was tinged with sadness, because Sneaky wasn't there. No matter how many times we looked at each other and shrugged it off, the emptiness of him was everywhere. For the first time we all grieved in public while attempting to put on a happy face.

After the crowds went home, we worked with the rescues. Dyna and Dozer are progressing very well. They enjoy being under saddle and have obviously been someone's partner in the past. They even attempted the ground poles and crossrails with interest and vigor. Daisy, was another story.

Daisy came to us, the little run dun mare with broken teeth. We discovered very quickly she does not like anyone handling her on the right side. While we had always suspected abuse, Saturday confirmed our suspicions. First, we went to quick release tie her for grooming and she pulled back hard, more upset than expected. For a short period of time, she let one of our assistant instructors on her, walking along behind Sami, following quietly. ear pricked forward and a spring in her walk. Then, Sami bent down to pick something off the ground, and as the story goes, "that was all she wrote."

The mare exploded in a shower of bucks and straight into the air leaps. The poor assistant dived for the ground, but not before one of Daisy's hooves grazed her on the way down. Luckily there were enough of us in the ring to calm down Daisy and handle the downed instructor. We aren't sure what triggered the meltdown, but it showed us the deep truth of this poor little girl - some where along the line, she has had the crap beaten out of her for no reason, either with a whip or pipe or wooden bat.

So while five of our Super 6 are making strides toward healing, Daisy has taken a step backwards. After she was returned to their pasture, I went out to talk with her, assure her we understand, we love her and will never hurt her for acting out. The road to recovery is long and paved with stumbling blocks, and we just found one on her path. No problems, we drop back and reassess. No hard feelings.

But I know if I ever find out who beat this poor mare, I might revive the old custom of tar and feathers. The depths to which mankind can sink never ceases to amaze me. Did beating on this poor girl make whoever you are feel like more of man? Because I will tell you the truth - a man who will beat an animal will beat a human, just give them time.  What will be their excuse then? Remember - karma is a bigger witch than I am and it will catch up to you.

It would almost be nice if Daisy could mete the punishment out to those who abused her. That is what I call fair.

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