Friday, April 6, 2012

A Spring Fling

Things have been noisy around Blue Skies the past few weeks. We've been adding more pastures from the acreage cleared last year along  Pumpkinvine Creek. The Super 6 have enjoyed mowing the grass for us. A big thanks to Jim Berry and his crew for all they have accomplished. I cannot wait to finish construction. Every time we make new pastures it is another small setback for the grass. Of course if we could get some rain around Atlanta that would help. Last night's storms were south of the city and we got none at the barn.

Tomorrow is our Easter Egg Hunt, open to all ages. We also will have pony rides, a cake walk, and other games. The weather is supposed to be clear and sunny so everyone come out and enjoy a peaceful day on our little slice of heaven.

The Super 6 are becoming more and more amazing every day. Sparky, Maple, and Dolce have been moved into the main barn now that their quarantine is over. Maple and Spark Plug are next door to each other, as it should be, and Dolce can see both of them. Daisy, Dozer, and Dyna are outside but loving it.

Dozer has 'bedroom' eyes and watches over his two women carefully. Whenever Dolce sees them in the pasture, she demands to be along to join them. Daisy and Dyna prefer eating to fence visiting, so I have to enjoy them from afar. Dozer has been ridden as has Dyna and both have wonderful gaits. Dozer, as befitting a Halflinger cross, is truly living up to his name, but gosh darn it - he's just so cute with those blond tips on his ears!

Tomorrow is another Saturday, my day at the barn. With so much going on, I can't wait to see what these lovable four-legged children come up with. Their antics make my days sweeter. I miss that when I can't get out there. If only we could bottle that love.

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