Saturday, March 16, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes...

Last March, Blue Skies rescued six horses that were bound for slaughter. We brought them home, fed them, cleaned them up, loved them, lost one to complications from starvation, and tried to rebuild the trust between horse and man. Here is an update on one of those six.

Dozer came to us deceptively chubby. A Halflinger pony, it wasn't until the winter coat began to shed out we discovered how underweight he truly was. With blond tips on his ears and a winning, curious personality, 'Bulldozer' seemed a perfect name. Large, in charge, and don't stand between him and the feed pan; that's our boy!

Not knowing anything about Dozer's background we started at ground zero to discover what level of training he knew. The painful answer was, "Not Squat!" But his heart is large, and Dozer found a girl willing to work with his bull-headed pony-ness. Mia has worked endlessly with Dozer and the results are shown above.

Yes people, that is a 24 year old green-broke pony at his first horse show. He was an angel, most of the time, and enjoyed himself immensely.

Thanks to Mia for taking Dozer as her boy. He truly has turned out to be a fantastic little rescue.

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