Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Updates - A New Rescue

Prized Fashion (shown above in 2011) was pulled from the slaughter pen at New Holland Sales this week. A 2008 Kentucky bred mare, she was last raced in 2012. How she ended up at New Holland is a mystery but her fate is well documented - she would been shoved onto an overcrowded transporter and sent to either Canada or Mexico to a slaughterhouse.

Every day, Thoroughbreds in this country are being thrown to the butcher when their breeding doesn't live up to the expectations of the owners. For no crime other than being ordinary, they are sold for a per pound price and forgotten about. But not by everyone.

This is Prized Fashion as she was discovered earlier this week at the New Holland Sale yard, a known dumping ground for Off Track Thoroughbred (or OTTB) horses. Lucky for her and many others, there are tireless volunteers who brave these grim, heartbreaking locations for animals such as Prized Fashion and network across the country to find rescuers. That is how Blue Skies Riding Academy came to hear about this sweet mare.

For the next 30 days, "PF" will be in quarantine here at Blue Skies Riding Academy to gain weight and learn to trust again. A happy ending is looking possible for this tall mare: we have been in touch with her breeders. They are appalled at where she ended up; New Holland's reputation as a den of kill buyers filled with ruthless characters is nation wide. But more important - the breeders want her back.

Unfortunately, that happy ending doesn't always come around. Of the 8 OTTB horses that we have retraining at BSRA, this is the first time a breeder has volunteered to assist. But that's okay. With few exceptions these glorious creatures have found a person to love and trust, and that is what we strive to do. We take broken spirits, both human and equine, and assist in healing and transformation for both.

What we do isn't cheap. It takes money for the grain and hay for our herd. The costs of running a rescue are huge and the bills seem to come every day. But none of us would have it any other way. How can any human stand by and do nothing while the innocent are left adrift? By helping a horse regain their spirit we help heal the damage done by neglect and abuse.

BSRA is a 501(c)3 rescue and retraining facility in NW Georgia. Currently we possess several OTTB's and  other breeds in various stages of rehabilitation. We are supported by our public programs and donations from generous souls. If you would like to make a donation so we can continuing our mission, please visit our website at for more information. And be sure to check us out on Facebook for further information on  Prized Fashion as well as other BSRA horses in need of adoption and/or sponsorship.

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  1. Shocking! I'm so glad you're shedding light on these horrible truths. Though I'm kind of scared of horses, (bad childhood experience) I am in awe of them and their beauty. I wish I lived close to you, so you could help me conquer my fears. Keep up the good work! No animal deserves such terrible treatment.