Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Days Are Getting Longer

I went to the barn today, even though it wasn't a normal day for me to be there. Part of the reason was for paperwork, Bev and I never seem to have time for all the paperwork. Having 30 horses can be more taxing than having 30 people employees. But the other reason was our new residents. The sense of protectiveness I feel for these 6 is immense. Because of the circumstances under which they were redeemed, the mother instinct is kicking in.

The Super 6 are settling in to their new routines. Morning brings hay and grain, fresh water and lots of scratches from loving hands. Once they have finished their first round of hay, mid-day means a little more of everything and plenty more love. When I arrived the first to notice me was Dynamo, of course. I was welcomed with a long round of sniffing. She remembered me and was ready to learn more. It was nice to stand and acknowledge her curiosity. I apparently passed her test, because she head bumped me, then left to start on her hay. I have been accepted.

Sparky was eating, as he should be. We can't wait to see weight (ha ha) return to this guy. Daisy and Dozer either have a 'thing' going on, or she is just a mooch, haven't quite figured their relationship out. She feeds quite liberally from his hay, and so far Dozer doesn't seem to mind. He has such a laid back vibe, it might work out just fine. She is a flirt.

Dolce and Maple were both napping. The next few days here in Georgia are supposed to be in the 80's, so baths and shed blades are the plan for the remainder of this week. Saturday we are gong to string a pen around their stalls, so they will be able to move around and graze but still have their stalls for individual feeding. Changes we hadn't expected but are glad to implement for these babies.

On a side note - our trainer K has two mares expecting first foals between now and the end of the month AND the little donkey we helped Iron Gait Percheron Rescue take from a neglectful owner earlier this year is pregnant. So BSRA is going to have a hinny. We haven't quite figured out how that is going to work, because we have some very dominant mares. Will a donkey let a horse mare steal her baby? Tune in for details as the events unfold.

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