Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday, On The Farm

The first weekend of spring 2012 was Georgia beautiful. Deep blue skies and fresh green grass and happy ponies - memories are created on days like these. We let the Super 6 have the free run of the new back pastures and saw true happiness in action. How anyone could think the movements and actions of animals are random and mindless?

Dolce started the day's feasting, then Dynamo figured out the latch on her stall had moved and pushed her way out into the new pastures. Once the barns were fed and settled, we turned the other four out as well. It was so affirming to see these innocents running and grazing with the pure happiness of spirit horses possess. To see Maple and Sparky watching out for each other, even with acres of new spring grass to munch, made me smile and think about their emerging personalities.

Sparky might be small, and need the most weight, but his personality far exceeds his body size. He cantered and snorted and grazed with little notice to his hip bones, so prominent it hurts my heart to look at. Sparky only sees is a good place with 'meals on wheels' and plenty of good scratching. From so wounded a body flows a heart three times his physical size. He makes me smile all the time.

Daisy is wary, yet full of surprises. When she discovered the golf cart contained a ripped bag of feed, she worked and worked until the hole was large enough for her tongue. That attracted the attention of Dozer, Dynamo and Sparky until the offense was discovered and all four ran off squealing with childish delight at their nonsense. Later in her stall, Daisy parked out low, leading us to speculate further on her past.

Later in the afternoon, after they willingly returned to hay bags and grain, I used the shedding blade on Dynamo. I know there are a lot of happy birds in the valley today because I removed enough hair to line every nest in the county! She stood, eyes half closed in the sun, licking her lips and smiling as I brushed and brushed the itchy winter fur. I must confess, I relate to this lady.

The unhappiest of the 6 were Maple and Dolce. Not because they didn't get to graze or kick up their heels, no these two ladies got baths to help with their flaky skin. Of course, each rolled in the fresh shavings as soon as returned to their stalls, but at least some of the shedding was done. Unfortunately several of the 6 may be bald soon, from poor nutrition along with the normal spring shed.

But as the day came to an end, I smiled again, remembering the positive energy that radiated from the 6 all day long. I wish I could bottle that happiness. It certainly is wonderful medicine.

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